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Greyflood creates music to tell wordless stories that bring the listener to the tensions that exist somewhere between memory and hope. Their compositions are haunting and innocent, introspective and nostalgic. 

Greyflood was formed in 2014 by Ryan Tupta (Guitar) and David McLaughlin (Guitar) and released a self titled album the same year. Shortly after the release of their second album in 2016, No Death No Mourning No Crying No Pain, the band was joined by Jake Mariotti (Guitar), Stu McCoy (Bass) and Jon Royea (Drums). In 2021 Greyflood release a concept EP titled Anagnorisis and is set to release their next EP "Listen Carefully, There Are Those Who Suffer Quietly" on Jul 28th 2022.

For Fans Of:

Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You, Caspian, Tides of Man, Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Full Album Stream (Files available in the Downloads section)

'I Found My Place In Love Or At Least Next To It' Official Music Video


You can download all the related content from the EPK in this box.com folder

The folder contains high resolution press photos, album artwork, single music video and .mp3/.wav audio files of individual songs and of the EP in its entirety.


Linktree which contains links to all ours socials and artist profiles on primary streaming platforms: https://linktr.ee/greyflood

Greyflood's Features

Greyflood's music has previously been featured in podcasts, award winning short films, and various YouTube videos from major companies.

The song "Voiceless Giants" from Greyfloods self-titled album was featured in the acclaimed short film "Mar"

Greyflood's music is also regularly used in The Bible Project's podcasts

Additionally, other Greyflood songs were used on YouTube videos created by the company Natural High


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